Slot games and online slots games

Online slot machines

One of the great advantages of Sportium’s online slot machines is that they have versions that are perfectly adapted for mobile and tablet devices. This allows you to play your favourite slot anywhere. In addition, the graphic aspect has been taken care of to the maximum so that smaller screens can also be enjoyed to the maximum. 

Slots Bar: the slots of the bars!

If what you are looking for is the excitement of the legendary bar slots, at Sportium we make it easy for you! Now you can choose from a great list of bar slots to play wherever you choose. Thanks to our technology, you can bring the excitement of these classic bar slots directly to your mobile device or computer, and enjoy them like never before! 

Slots with special jackpots

Online casino game

You will have already seen them on this page, and we would never finish if we had to mention them all here. But from superheroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman or Aquaman to characters like Torrente or Chiquito de la Calzada, through jackpot slots from video games, we are sure you will find a version that suits your gaming tastes.  

All versions have different features so you can enjoy games like the one offered by Age of Gods slots with online jackpot. Medusa, Gladiator and dozens more await you on the Sportium website.  

Can you already hear the jackpot? Can you already imagine what your favourite movie character would look like while you enjoy it? All you have to do is register at Sportium (if you are not already), make your deposit and start having fun with our fabulous jackpot slots. 

Online Bingo Slots

In addition, at Sportium you will not only be able to enjoy jackpot slots. On our website we also have several online bingo slots themes for those who prefer another type of game. Whatever you choose, at Sportium you will find different moments of non-stop fun! 

Types of Slots

Do you like the typical bar slot machines? At our online casino, you will find this type of slots that we have been used to seeing for years in bars. Sportium’s versions have 3 reels and buttons to advance, spin, etc… However, there are also slot machines with more reels and multiple paylines and payouts.  

And the opportunities to win prizes are constantly multiplying. So now you know if you are one of those who prefer slot machines with 3 or 5 reels, you can find them in our slots section of the Sportium casino. 

3 reel slots 

The classic 3-reel slots are waiting for you at Sportium to enjoy moments of fun spinning with the random button. Enter the Sportium website and discover the different themes and types of games currently available.  

5-reel slots 

Online slots

Do you prefer slots with more reels and buttons? For those who prefer to feel the thrill of the spin of each reel, at Sportium we offer several versions of 5-reel slots with which to enjoy the game of chance for longer.  

Is it possible to play slots and slots for free?

It is now possible to play different online slots for free with Sportium. To do so, all you have to do is go to the online slots section of our online casino and check the promotions available at any given time. So, with the opportunity to try the online slots, you will find a great way to discover our amazing online slot machines through the “demo” mode. With this trial mode you can play completely free, although, of course, you won’t win any prizes either… 

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