Series betting

By and large, you can bet against a win/loss streak on absolutely any sport. It is important to understand, however, that in boxing or other martial arts you will have to wait a long time. And it is not certain that the series of top athletes will ever be broken, because there are many unbeaten fighters that ended their career with “0” in the loss column.

Therefore it is better to focus on sports, where there are a lot of matches, but not too many. This way you will have time to analyze the events for betting on the pro/con series and other tactical plans. However if you have enough time to do the analysis, sports where a season consists of a large number of matches played in 1-3 days will also be suitable. The following sports may be of interest



Football is ideal, because matches are played 1-2 times a week, there are many specialized sites with news and statistics and the best tournaments are always in full view. If you choose the right championship, you can apply the strategy not only 1-2 times with a good profit, but much more. We do not recommend to choose weak leagues, where you always have 1-2 favourites, who will not lose throughout the season or in the next few years. It is better to trust the top 5 or even top 10 leagues. It is not worth to look further than that. If you look at the standings over the years, you can hardly find teams that have never lost. At one time, Benfica (2 times), Celtic, AC Milan, Juventus and Arsenal managed to do the same. It is important to understand that in football there is also a draw apart from a win/loss. Therefore, we should not exclusively consider winning streaks, but win-win ones. Similarly in the opposite case, where attention should be paid to non-winners.


It is a bit easier in this case, because modern tennis players often play too many tournaments and do not always play their best, especially if a more important event happens in 2-3 weeks. These are the kind of moments you need to catch in order to make the most out of them. You should not ignore the news either, because even micro injuries affect the result, because it is a single sport.



In most cases a win is recorded for one of the teams, and a draw, i.e. overtime, is much rarer. However, a large number of matches are played in a short period of time, which always results in defeats, because the athletes are mentally and physically exhausted. The Golden State Warriors hold the all-time record for a winless streak, losing just 9 games in a season. Losing less is simply unreal, so this strategy is a good way to make your team happy with good results.


Volleyball is a sport where you can often fall for the wild side as very few bookmakers pay full attention to the odds. Therefore it is possible not only to play the series, but also to make some extra money by using other types of betting and strategies.

Hockey can be singled out in a separate order. This sport is quite difficult to adapt to the strategy “For / Against series”. Quite often there are overtimes, and also the favourites often “leak” games at the end of the season in order to get to a more pleasant opponent. Not a bad option, but it is better to pay attention to the sports mentioned in the list.


To make money with the strategy in question, you need to consider many different factors, analyse statistics and keep up-to-date with all the news. In some sports the advantage of some teams is so big, that even with a semi-main team, wins are achieved without any problems, and the defeats happen 1-2 times a season. You have to bet especially carefully on the series at the end of the season. However, if you do your analytics at the highest level, you can get good results.

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